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The 5 Levels of Formality: How to Best Avoid Rejection, Ridicule & Resistance When Prospecting People for Your Network Marketing Business...and Why You've, so Far, Avoided Telling Your Sister about It

Audiobook – Unabridged

By listening to this audiobook, you will learn:

  • How, when it comes to prospecting scripts, one size does not fit all
  • How to prospect everyone on your contact list using an approach that is based upon your existing relationship with them
  • How to overcome the mental brick wall that many distributors hit when deciding who to contact first
  • How to go back to people who you've already "blown out"!
  • How to reframe your thinking about your contact list before blowing them out!
  • How to approach your closest family and friends and avoid coming across as "salesy" or weird, given that "you only get one chance to make a first impression"
  • How to overcome the fear of making the initial contact with people on your list
  • How to clear the fog of who to approach first - and why
  • How to identify and maximise prospecting opportunities that arise within your everyday life
  • How to develop relationships with people, over time, that will make it feel completely natural to share your business opportunity with them
  • How to get prospects to ask you about your business
  • How to successfully approach those intimidating people on your chicken list
  • How to get your new team members into action and off to a resistance-free start
  • How to reduce the chances of new team members quitting by teaching them skills that will get them off to the best possible start
  • How to embrace rejection by building an effective "No For Now" list.
  • How to duplicate these philosophies and skills through your team
  • How to minimise resistance, suspicion and ridicule from the people who know you best
  • How to combat the fear of approaching people with the help of helium balloons!

Written as a story, based on real-life events, we follow the transformation of Sam Hirst on his rollercoaster journey - from the highs of being an excited new distributor, to the lows of personal rejection, disillusionment and frustration - and finally through to becoming an accomplished and successful Network Marketer.

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