The Five Levels of Formality Prospecting Masterclass

Learn more and The Five Levels of Formality Prospecting Masterclass

In this training course, Danny and Paul go deep into the principles that underpin their 5 Levels of Formality prospecting model using real-life examples and role-plays to really drive your learning home.

They will help you distinguish the differences in approach when prospecting your brother, that friend you’ve not seen for more than a year, the mother of your child’s friend that you see at school every day, the guy who delivers your parcels and your intimidating ex-boss – and giving you the skills to get in front of those people with your business presentation. Packed with loads of useful tips, ideas, and strategies, here's what else you can expect to learn:

* Introduction to The 5 Levels...Why using The 5 Levels approach is crucial to your business success.

* Identifying Level One prospects and strategies for approaching them which minimise resistance, rejection and ridicule.

* Prospecting Level Two prospects - Unpacking the Favour and Feedback approach and how to create ‘privileged moments’ that dramatically increase the chances of someone agreeing to look at your business.

* Working with Level Three prospects - drilling down into The Development Level. How to nurture conversations with people which naturally lead to them asking you about your business.

* Level Four - The Opportunist Level – discover a memorable, low-resistance, 3-step approach for inviting perfect strangers to join your business which you can employ daily, as many times as you wish. And finally...

* Level Five - dealing with The Chicken List - how to confidently prospect high-quality, influential "heavyweight" prospects that will bring a serious impact to your business growth.


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